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About Site

  • Safe: Highly secured. Payments handled by payment processor. Every online business asks for billing address because payment processors require it. Your information is never shared or given out.

  • Easy: No sign ups or logins! Simply type in your card/information.

  • Discreet: Charges appear as MYIRC. ​To be discreet I never send anything in the mail unless you request/buy something like my bras, panties, pillowcases or Polaroids to your preferred address you give.

  • Best Deals: I already include tax in all the product prices so you only pay the price you see! I also cover shipping cost for physical products (bras, panties, pillowcases and Polaroids. All countries welcome!) ​Camsites take 50% of our earnings but with my site I receive more of my earnings. Therefor I give back to you guys by giving the cheapest prices possible. I truly appreciate those who support my site!

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