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About Me

Hi! The name is Isabelle but you can call me Izzy if you like! However, I like when guys remember that I love being called princess. My baby, Zelda (Dalmatian and Swiss Shep mixed doggy) is my whole World so you loving her and being a dog guy/animal lover gets you points in my heart already! I enjoy outdoors, mountain climbing, video games, comics, playing drums and guitar (mostly just drums lately), anything arts and crafts or creative in general. I Never wear any makeup at all and never will! So this is one request I will never fulfill (unless its special effects makeup for a character but with No beauty makeup). I like to be natural and not alter myself. I don't even pluck my eyebrows and if you don't like any of this then tough nuggies! I enjoy being myself even if it means I won't fit in with everyone. So I like to find the right people who stick around for the right reasons and like me as I am.

I appreciate every single person who contributes and buys my content through my site here since it's the best way to support me while giving you guys the best deals possible too! I love spending my time with you guys so if you joined my live cam room to get to know me and hangout that would be lovely! I'm always an open book and enjoy fulfilling requests because making people happy is something I love. I also enjoy being naughty for you guys since it actually really turns me on. So loosen up and don't be shy to contribute to request something!


I love connecting with you guys and naturally have found people close to my heart over the period of more than 10 years that I've been camming fulltime. So clearly it's something I wouldn't stop doing since it's truly what I like doing. So... I Look forward to meeting you!

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